Thank you for your interest in Flagstaff Business Connections. Our group consists of self-employed business owners or managers who are dedicated to excellent customer service in their fields. We are a select group of unique individuals in our industries and we are a non-profit organization. 

Flagstaff Business Connections is committed to bringing together local business professionals who are dedicated to serve their clients and grow their business. Together we build professional relationships through networking, education, and inspiration in order to help each other expand the level of service, profits and recognition within the community.


"Often times as a business owner you feel alone with your struggles and achievements. This group is a great place to express what you are going through, both trials and successes. Also, the peace of mind that comes with referring these other members is unbeatable!"

"We feel a great sense of camaraderie and a  willingness to share ideas. Referrals are just an added bonus!"

"I enjoy listening to other business professionals successes and challenges. With that, I like the input others offer to assist in the challenges that we all have."

"Joining Flagstaff Business Connections has not only helped me get more referrals, but getting to know the other business members in the group has helped to develop me professionally as well as personally. It really makes a big difference having a group of people I can refer my clients to without having to worry about how they will be taken care of. I look forward to each meeting as I get re-energized about my business and look forward to picking up new ideas I can implement."